STEAMboat Kids Childcare is a master-planned childcare and learning facility committed to children ages 2 years to graduating for kindergarten. We provide a safe, caring, and stimulating environment for all children enrolled, as well as a full preschool curriculum. We believe that children’s innate curiosity is the natural doorway to a child’s intellectual development and we enhance that with experiences designed to encourage social, creative, physical, and cognitive growth. Our focus is to encourage growth through daily inspiring activities for all of STEAMboat’s children, but with a special focus on a dedicated STEAM preschool program.

STEAMboat Kids Childcare focuses on 7 major elements of development:

  1. Social Emotional Development: self-concept, self-direction, social relationships, and independence
  2. Physical Development: gross motor skills, fine motor skills, health and safety
  3. Language and Literacy Development: listening and verbal communication, vocabulary and writing, letter recognition, and basic reading comprehension
  4. Development in the Arts: music, dance and movement, visual arts, drama
  5. Mathematics Development:  number concepts, shapes, spatial awareness, patterns and sorting, measurements, logic
  6. Scientific Development: reasoning, life science, physical science, technology, STEM, the scientific method
  7. Good Citizenship: community and family awareness, geography, history

The two videos shown below give insight as to how Play-Based Learning and the Project Approach enhance children’s learning.

Play-Based Learning

The Project Approach